Working late? Bury yourself in these scary workplace stories….

Photo Illustration of Female Ghost in City Park

Staged photo of a ghostly figure, taken on Oct. 13, in Reno, Nev. It is produced with a Canon EOS 7D, 50mm lens, and 30-second exposure. Photo illustration and story by K. Patricia Bouweraerts.

You may have happened to notice the Hunter’s Moon glowing from behind a few ragged clouds just above the horizon as you wearily made your way home from work yesterday evening at dusk … and perhaps you abruptly became aware that the days have already faded and shortened.

It must be the spirit of October’s final eerie days, where piles of crispy leaves have blown away to a vacant lot at the end of the street. There is a mood of mystery in the hazy, cool air that begs for a scary story or two.

Workplace Story’s “sorceress on staff” has swept cyberspace in search of some spooky stories. Here follows a gnarled handful of these unnerving workplace tales….

We will begin at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

“CIA officers, analysts, police, maintenance crews, and visitors have reported spooky stories of all kinds — ranging from the uncanny sound of footsteps in an empty hallway to seeing the apparition of a former Director, huddled over an old map in the library at night,” according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. “Often, these unsettling experiences are explained away by fatigue or an over-active imagination. Sometimes, however, a story is just a little too real, a little too strange, and told by someone not known for flights of fancy.”

In this true story, a CIA staff member who was working late experienced an echo of her typing, a presence that shouldn’t be there, an odd apparition of another agent working in the building who seemed to be from another day, another time; long ago.

Work Never Ends for the Chief

Angry forces were hiding at the site of an old hospital, and in a museum’s theater

Photo of Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider as seen at Middlegate, Nev., on Aug. 22, 2015. Photos by P. Bouweraerts.

Alison Green, work advice columnist and consultant, writes the blog

In late October 2015, she asked if readers might like to type their frightening or unusual anecdotes into the comments section of her post, “Have you ever had a spooky experience at work?” It became a popular feature, and she repeated it in 2017.

This chilling story was told by a grant writer who arrived to find a shocking sight in her office — the morning after a terrifying experience absolutely shook her to the bone as she worked into the wee hours. It all happened when the doors were locked, and a security system was set.

My old office was haunted. It was in an industrial park built on the site of a torn-down hospital….

Another disconcerting story that appeared in the post’s comments section took place in a museum. It was submitted by a staff member who reported the unexplained encounters of employees who worked on the security team — one weird event in particular was even caught on surveillance camera.

I work in a museum.

Something creepy can happen in the un-creepiest of places

You know that saying, “The truth is stranger than fiction?” Well, sometimes the truth is scarier too.

This account is written by Bart Reardon on in answer to the question, “What is the scariest experience you (have) ever had?” Its setting is late 1970s Virginia, and the narrative involves a quiet young customer buying a guitar. The story darkens upon the arrival of a United States FBI agent who asks some disturbing questions and reveals the specifics which are even more alarming.

In 1979, I worked at a music store….

L.A. law story, but this one is spooky style

Image of White Hearse One Autumn Reno Evening

A white hearse is parked near the Slaughter House Haunt at Greater Nevada Field in Reno, Nev., on Oct. 6, 2016.

An executive who was working by himself in a skyscraper describes the frightening events of one dark, foggy night. His story is posted on, a website of the Gizmodo Media Group, LLC.

It is written by Dodai Stewart and starts out by setting the scene.

“I was working late on a Saturday night on the 29th floor of my office building — alone of course, though that was not uncommon,” Stewart wrote. “Being almost 30 stories up and near the Pacific ocean, there was a thick fog surrounding the upper part of the building such that you couldn’t see 10 feet out from the building but, if you looked down you could see the lights of the city below. Nearly all of the lights in the office were off because they are controlled by motion detectors and no one had been in the office for hours.”

Stewart continues the tale from that point on, including its exciting twists, turns … and rings.

For all those who work late nights in high rises….

Happy Halloween to all

The editor at Workplace Story is wishing everyone out there lots of great Halloween festivities that are safe, fun, and spooky!

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