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Dave, a traveling comedian, and Jerry, an on-location professional photographer share their road stories in Part One and Two of this “Working on the Road Again” two-part podcast series.

On this episode of Workplace Story, we meet Jerry, a professional photographer who travels to remote and exotic locations for photoshoots. He talks about being held at gunpoint in the desert, getting stuck in mud 50 miles from the nearest human and taking landscape photography in China. Tune in to Episode Seven: “Working on the Road Again,” Part One (below) for Dave’s story.

Employment advice for others in these jobs and careers:

Jerry will never stop taking photographs. His advice is classic, “Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do.” He said that if you do these, then no matter what happens, everything will be good.

Music credits: “Pulse Rock,” “Twisted,” “Cold Funk,” “RetroFuture Clean,” and “Wah Game Loop,” Kevin MacLeod,, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. Sound Credits: “Hawk” by Uncle Sigmund, and “Jeep in the Mountains #1” by Adam Wayne Gistarb, via, Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.


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